Why Prospects of Inflation Drive Gold Purchases In Australia

Gold has always been a highly valued commodity, and because it is especially desired during periods of high inflation, it's about to become the next big thing in the investment world. Many may be able to recall its extreme demand in late 1979 and early 1980. As interest rates and inflation headed well into the double-digits, there were lineups outside of coin and bullion dealers. Gold reached a record of $1012 US an ounce. Gold has long been used as a traditional hedge against inflation and naturally, the demand for gold tends to pick up when inflation does. If you look at the world's current financial climate, it becomes obvious that we will soon be entering a period of severe inflation. As such, people should really be considering investing in gold now, rather than later. According to Gold De Royale (http://www.goldderoyale.com.au), Australia's leading online bullion dealer, the gold business in Australia is booming in anticipation. This is expected to soon be a world-wide trend. It is likely that this scenario will continue over and over for hundreds of years. Inflation will recur as more paper money is printed. Yet, because of its relative stability, the value of gold will remain much the same in terms of its purchasing power. There are several ways to invest in gold, some better than others. Buying gold coins, gold bars, gold certificates or investing in companies that mine gold are all options. Bullion in particular, whether it be gold bars or gold coins, has a long history of remaining stable. It has the benefit of being actual gold rather than simply a representation of it, providing investors with the assurance that it will retain its long term value even when there is another stock market downturn or an economic recession. Because gold coins and gold bars can be easily bought, transported and stored, bullion is a good option for many investors. There is always the possibility of banks or gold companies filing for bankruptcy therefore people tend to feel the most comfortable buying gold bars because they can be physically held onto with little risk.Adding to gold's appeal as an investment is the fact that certain hobbyists, such as coin collectors, will remain loyal to it regardless of whether there happens to be a short term spike or decline in its market price. A gold piece may be recognized as highly sought after collectable because of historical significance, or simply because of its beauty and quality. For many, gold is much more than just a sound financial investment; it's also something that may be treasured for its decorative appeal or valued as an heirloom to pass on to future generations. The price of gold has jumped to an average of US $970 per ounce so far in 2009 compared with US $550 in 2006. With inflation on the rise, experts like Meryl Lynch predict this price could exceed $1800. To take advantage of this, people are rushing to buy gold, just like they were in 1979. If financial trends continue on as they have for hundreds of years in the past, this cycle is certain to continue and gold is certain to remain a wise long term investment.About Gold De Royale:Whether you are looking to purchase gold to use as a hedge fund, or simply for your own enjoyment as a decorative collectors item, Gold De Royale, Australia's leading online bullion store, offers clients only the finest quality gold as well as silver bars, coins and other products. For more information about Gold De Royale visit the website at http://www.goldderoyale.com.au or contact Customer Care by phone at 07 31628845 or email customercare@goldderoyale.com.au. Contact InformationGold De Royale Pty LtdSuite 103 192 Ann Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000AustraliaPhone: 07 31628845Fax: 07 30365787http://www.goldderoyale.com.aucustomercare@goldderoyale.com.au--For more information about Gold De Royale visit the website at http://www.goldderoyale.com.au or contact Customer Care by phone at 07 31628845 or email customercare@goldderoyale.com.au. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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