Why invest in Emeralds

If you are looking for investments on jewelries, you may want to choose emeralds. As their mark-up value can go up to as 300 percent from the cutter\'s hands to yours. You must also purchase the gem stone from credible sources so that you will be assured of its quality. You may find quality emeralds from the jewelry stores or from jewelry auctions and even online jewelry auctions.Because emeralds are rare gemstones, man has developed ways to make emeralds inside the laboratories. Synthetic emeralds have the same mineralogical properties as the natural emeralds that are mined in Brazil, Colombia and Zambia they can also be found in Australia, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and the United States.Here are some ways to distinguish the synthetic emeralds from the natural emeralds. Most if not all jewelry shops will put labels on these types of emeralds with the labels bearing the tag such as synthetic or Chatham. Synthetic emeralds are also much clearer and sparkly than the mined emeralds. So if ever you will come upon a clear and sparkly emerald with a cheap price attached to it, then you can bet that these are synthetic.When looking for quality emeralds, you should look for its clarity and transparency as well as the emerald\'s color and size. A five carat emerald will out-price a one carat diamond.The other most important factor you should look for is the size of the emerald gemstone. Emeralds can also out-price diamonds. A 5 carat emerald can easily out-price a one carat diamond. However, an emerald that has one carat or less should not cost more. So be sure to know the size of the emeralds you are going to purchase. An emerald\'s value increases as the carat also increases.You must look on the greenness of the gemstone. The biggest difference between an average emerald and a rare valuable emerald the gem stone\'s shading of green. The most valuable emerald is that of a green that is not found anywhere else in the world. The color should be sparkling to the eye. A rare Emerald gemstone should emit a green glow that is not too yellow and not too blue.You should also look for the light coming from inside the emerald. The light should sparkle and reflect from inside the emerald. If the gemstone does not sparkle that much, it means that the emerald has a very poor clarity. An emerald that seems to be transparent but does not reflect light or sparkle may be poorly cut. Both of these factors will determine the value of the Emeralds.Emeralds were Cleopatra\'s most valued gem stones. She had a very vast collection of these gemstones during her time.--What makes the Emeralds special?Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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