Unique Ideas for Your Home D

If you\'ve browsed through a few home design magazines, you\'ll notice that even designer homes start to look pretty generic after a while. Although they\'re still quite attractive, they don\'t have that cozy, welcoming look that makes it feel like your own. That\'s because these homes often go by the book, following preset rules and color schemes. If you want your home to really stand out, you often have to break these rules and go with what you personally like.It\'s not as hard as it seems, especially with today\'s design options. Modern design has allowed a wider range of colors, styles and themes, so that there\'s something for every type of home. One good way to start is by choosing an unusual main color. Most people would go for white, beige, or pastels, which are considered "safe" choices. But why not go with something bolder? If green is your favorite color, go ahead and paint your walls green. Not only will your home stand out more, it\'ll also better reflect your personality.If repainting is not an option, try rearranging your room instead. Place your furniture so that there\'s more space in the middle, which makes your room look bigger and more inviting. Or if your furniture is an interesting shape or material, place it somewhere prominent so it can serve as a focal point. Sometimes, even a minor change can make a big difference in your space.Area rugs are also a great way to personalize your home. With the variety of designs available today, you\'re sure to find one that goes well with your design. Look for one that matches or complements your current room colors, so that it ties the color scheme together for a professional, unified look.Finally, you need to accessorize. After all, they say it\'s the accessories that really make the space your own. Don\'t think about aesthetics or consistency; just go with what you feel like and place it around the room. Sometimes, these little quirks are what give your home its charm and really impress visitors. So go ahead and display your antiques collection or personal photos—and watch your home take on a completely different atmosphere.--Home dSource: http://www.articletrader.com

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