Silvers are inexpensive but not cheap!

There is a vast of jewelry items to choose from. The internet has given us vast choices to choose from. If you visit your local jewelry store or the internet through online jewelry auctions, you may notice that there are many kinds of jewelry you can choose from. Among gemstones there are ambers, sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds among the other thousands of gemstones to choose from. You may also opt for gold or silver jewelries if you are not fond of gemstones. If you are to compare the prices between gold and silvers, silvers are relatively more inexpensive compared to jewelries made from gold. However, silver is not that does not mean that it is of no value. Silver jewelries are still very attractive. You can match silver with almost any other kind of jewelry.Pure silver is not used in jewelry as it is too soft. It needs to be combined with other metals to be able to change this characteristic thus producing Sterling Silver. The combination is usually 92 percent silver and 8 percent copper.Aside from jewelries, silvers are also used for medical instruments as well as for musical instruments. Silver is also used in dentistry, electronics, soldering and brazing, mirrors, optics, nuclear rectors, catalysts, currency and photography among others. In the medical aspect, the silver was used for its resistance to antiseptics, body fluids and heat ventilation. However, silver are now replaced by cheaper and disposable materials. As for musical instruments, silver has a characteristic that gives the flute and the saxophone a distinct sound. Silvers are used in dentistry as amalgams. Amalgams are used for dental fillings. In electronics silvers are used for its superior conductivity.Because the silver is mixed with other metals, it is now more prone to corrosions since these other metals react to the elements around us. Therefore taking care of your silver jewelry is needed. A silver jewelry must be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. You must also be aware to put a division among your other silver jewelries so that they will not rub on each other to avoid scratches on your silver jewelry.When cleaning your silver jewelry, you must not use strong cleaning solutions as these solutions will surely damage your jewelry. An example of this strong cleaning solution is bleach. Some will use toothpastes when cleaning their silver jewelry; it is still debatable if it is really harmful to the silver but you must avoid doing so because it might contain baking soda. Better safe than sorry if you ask me.Do not be discouraged to buy silver jewelries because you may think that it needs lots of cleaning and taking care of but be aware that every piece of jewelry needs to be taken cared of to last longer. It is only natural that your silver jewelry will tarnish over time. When you wear your jewelry, it will come in contact with oils from your skin that will eventually wear down the lacquer that protects the silver. It is your duty then to take care of it so that it will be appreciated more.--Why choose Sterling Silver from any other jewelry.Source:

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