How To Get The Perfect Replacement For Your Everpure Water Filter

Everpure is a well-known brand manufacturing water purification systems for homes and businesses. It supplies water filtration systems to restaurant chains and entertainment houses, departments of the armed forces and to houses. A large number of contaminating elements such as asbestos particles, dirt, rust, mould and algae, lead and other heavy metals, chloramines, oxidized minerals, etc. exist in water and most of these are potentially harmful substances. A range of purification systems offered by Everpure help filter these out. These water filters, however, need to be replaced periodically for optimum performance.One must realize that it is time to replace the filter cartridge when either one of the following occurs:1. The filter cartridge reaches its maximum capacity, as mentioned on its packaging, label, etc.2. A period of one year has lapsed since the last replacement/purchase of the filter.3. Irregularities, such as a drop in the pressure and/or flow rate of the filter or an unusual water taste, are observed.The frequency of replacement of the water filters would depend on the quantity of impurities in the water as well as usage. Once you have identified the need to replace your water filter, you may pick your desired new filter from a range of Everpure replacement water filters. Some of these are compatible with every water filtration system, while others are specific to certain systems. Details of these Everpure replacement water filters may be obtained from the company\'s website.The replacement filter you need could ideally be located by part number, which could be found on the label of the component. A detailed procedure would need to be followed for both removal of the old cartridge and installation of the new one, even though Everpure replacement water filters are designed to facilitate quick and hassle-free installation. One must pay careful attention to the instructions provided for the same. Most cartridges are carbon-based and would need to be flushed when first installed, so that the excess carbon in the cartridge may be removed and the air inside may be replaced with water.The Everpure BW 100 Cartridges Part Number EV9100-86 is a granular activated carbon filter that comes with John Guest fittings. The filter is a high capacity in-line filter which has a capacity 18,170 litres or 4,800 gallons. The cartridge is commonly used in applications such as coffee brewers, ice-makers and other beverage dispensers. The flow rate of the filter is 0.75 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and it is meant primarily for cold water usage.The cartridge is extremely effective in the removal of bad tastes and odours present in water, including those of chlorine. The amount of limescale build-up in water using appliances is significantly reduced by the use of this filter. This feature of Everpure BW 100 Cartridges Part Number EV9100-86 makes it ideal for use in areas where hard water is prevalent.With a capacity of 3,785 litres or 1,000 gallons, the Everpure BW400 filter Part Number EV9668-46 removes contaminants including asbestos fibres, algae and mould, chlorine taste and odour and chloramines from water. Apart from these, 99% of lead, MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) and volatile organic chemicals are also removed by this filter.This cartridge features a scale inhibitor mixed with the Micro Pure material of the filter, which performs the function of reducing the build-up of mineral scale in water using appliances. The exclusively designed pre-coating of the filter reduces 99.99% of the particles in water to ½ a micron. The cartridge has a flow rate of 0.5 GPM. The Everpure BW400 filter Part Number EV9668-46 can be replaced easily and quickly. Also, the internal parts are not exposed during replacement, so that the handling is also sanitary.The Everpure 4C Cartridge filters Part Number EV9601-00 is one with a long-life, having a capacity of 11,355 litres or 3,000 gallons and a flow rate of 0.5 GPM. The filter removes all bad tastes and odours from water, as also harmful bacteria and lead. Other contaminants, ranging from dirt, mould and algae to chloramines and cyptosporidium are removed by this filter. Particles are filtered down to ½ a micron. The filter can be used with existing water filtration equipment and it has a quick-change design which makes it easy and quick to replace.The quality of replacement water filters can be judged by their NSF certifications. The health, hygiene and safety standards developed by NSF are recognized worldwide. The aforementioned Everpure replacement water filters are certified under one or a few of the NSF 42, NSF 43 or NSF 53 standards. Make sure you check for such certification, which is present on the cartridge\'s label, before you purchase your filter.--Water filters need to be replaced periodically to ensure their proper functioning. Everpure replacement water filters are readily available, but how does one go about finding, purchasing and replacing one\'s old cartridge? Here\'s how.Source:

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