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There are a few basic pointers that provide an idea about the likely health of the currency of a country. A cursory view of certain indices is sufficient for the expert to make the decision about whether to buy or sell and safely expect to enjoy returns. These indices tell the trade Forex expert the current and future scenario regarding the economy of a country, its internal business situation and trade with different countries. The strength of these factors determines the strength of the currency. Trade BalanceThe difference between the imports and exports of a country is the trade balance. High imports with relation to exports tell of the health of the industry within the country and of a weakened currency status. In such a situation, higher investments are required to offset the weaker currency. However, the investments will involve a rate of interest that will depend on the economic strength of the country. If the country is able to invite foreign business on its shores, its economic strength is improved and the currency can be expected to strengthen. A player in trade Forex must keep a track of this index.Gross Domestic ProductAnother index of value to the trade Forex player is GDP. This index is indicative of a country's economic activity. This quarterly index shows the total of domestic production and sales by a variety of agencies within the country. When you view the trend of quarterly GDP, you will see whether it is increasing or decreasing. An increasing trend is favourable for the value of the currency. However, if inflation is rising, then the increased GDP is swayed by rising internal prices. A high GDP with controlled inflation tells of a strong currency that can attract higher interest rates. Consumer Price IndexThe CPI indicates the rate of inflation in a country. A group of necessities is identified and the cost associated with each item is plotted to arrive at this monthly index. In countries where the prices for certain items vary drastically in a short period of time will show a GDP that excludes these features since they warp the reality with extreme trends. Rising consumer price index shows an inflationary trend and relates to a weakening currency. It is also indicative of the business capability within the country and the likelihood of bettering the situation with internal effort. Rising inflation indicates that the country's internal efforts will not be sufficient and this leads to borrowing at high interest rates thereby impacting trade Forex.Employment Employment of population is indicative of high economic activity and industrial growth. Higher employed population relates to higher rates of demand for local produce and thereby improves the GDP of the county. Higher GDP leads to higher efficiency of production and thereby benefits the consumer with lower rates. These are favourable trends for the country as it leads to higher internal efficiencies in attracting investment at competitive interest rates. Thus, employment patterns are indicative of overall health of the business economy and impact the strength of the currency and important to trade Forex.--Would you like to learn about more indicators that can help you in the field of Auto Forex System Trading? Log on to for more today.Source:

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