Overseas Investing

With recent downward trends in the property market, many have given up thinking about property as a means of investment. However despite troubled times some still believe that property investments should not be written off as the answer lies in looking at investing in property overseas as a viable and safer alternative to diversify that property portfolio until the local markets pick up again. As an overseas investment, Dubai is unquestionably the city to keep a close eye on. With property prices experiencing considerable growth over the years, and forecast to remain this way for some time, Dubai property, though not completely unaffected from global price variations, still remains a safer way to hedge your property investments. Dubai is a well-balanced and diverse economy, not completely dependent on oil. Its commercial sector contributes to some 80% of total gross domestic product and is continuing to expand. Manufacturing and tourism account for a large portion of DubaiĆ¢€™s economy, and both areas have been doing phenomenally well with the Dubai currency (Dhiram) remaining confidently stable over the years. The Government strongly encourages the thriving real-estate market and for renting and resale investments, Dubai offers several home financing schemes with reasonable payment terms making many an investor look twice at Dubai property. So if you were thinking of giving up hope of ever investing in property, it might pay to look beyond your boundaries, and research the possibility of investing in overseas property.--For all your Qatar News, Dubai property inforamtion and for general advise from those in the know, visit AME INFO today!Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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