Designing Your Home Office

Practically everyone these days does at least a bit of work from home, from e-mailing the boss to finishing up the day\'s work. Others even work from home full-time. That\'s why the home office is fast becoming a standard part of the American home. But few people have really thought about the aesthetic factor of home offices. No matter what you\'re doing, you can always work better in a well-designed space.Office design has always leaned towards the straight and functional. But this is your home office—and that word makes all the difference. Comfort is just as important as function in home office design. So don\'t be afraid to get that stylish work chair, that corner desk, or that arm cushion you\'ve been eyeing, even if it doesn\'t fit in. When you\'re comfortable, design is easy to follow.Space is an important factor in home office design. Even in a real office, it\'s hard to work in a tight cubicle where you barely have room to stretch. For your home office, make sure you have enough personal space to make it feel private. Organize your storage so that you don\'t accumulate clutter, and arrange the room so that there\'s enough space to get around.The work station is naturally the focal point of your home office. That\'s why you should make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. A computer and keyboard isn\'t really much to look at, so accessorize the space with wall art, fabrics, textures and patterns. For office supplies such as file cases and pen holders, try to keep a distinct color scheme that draws the eye. They may seem like small details, but they make a big difference when put together.Area rugs can also add some personality to your home office. Most offices have wall-to-wall carpeting to mute the sounds, but area rugs can achieve the same effect without that formal, closed-in feeling. They\'re also much easier to maintain. Choose an area rug that includes at least one of the dominant colors in the room, so that it ties the whole theme together for that clipped, professional look.--Designing a home office doesn\'t have to be complicated. Sometimes, all you need is a few simple accessories. Here are some tips to help you out.Source:

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