The art of real estate investing is about people

Real estate investing is a wide area of learning as well as practical application of techniques in the market. You might be an experienced real estate investor but every time you realize the fact that there is still something to learn further and further. Then after a commitment of a small mistake, we repent on the fact that why somebody had not taught me about this. Hence we move on to the same topic that real estate investing scenario is a big field that cannot be mastered within one day. But there are a number of webinars, seminars and online options that are available these days and it is upto us how we select them. This article will provide you with some of the basics that should help you in not regretting on the fact "why didn't I keep myself updated on this": We all think that real estate is about properties, deals, financing; but as such we need to understand that no business merely exists with the things that are required for its mere functioning. What it involves is more than all these specified things are people. Real estate investing cannot be learnt by merely our own actions, but we also need to understand from the actions of our competitors also. Like a child learns from his own mistakes, but for real estate investing you surely need to learn lessons from your mistake as well as be alert about what is happening with the competitors also. Learn from their mistakes also, so that you can have an overview about the mistakes that have to be avoided. For instance let's consider, a real estate investor made the first deal of his house. The house owner was an old woman whose husband had passed away recently and she wanted to move from state urgently to live along with her daughter and grand children. Her property was more than $15000, but she just directly stated that she merely wanted the balance of the property loan amount and $1000 to move out of the state by the end of the month. There were hundreds of real estate deals which had to be provided the right direction by the real estate investor, but the woman in this deal was just expecting speed in her transaction. The woman made the real estate investor realize that real estate is not merely about properties, finance but it was about people. People do not necessarily want what the investor's thinks they want. Hence, it is important that we ask them what are there expectations rather than just making assumptions on our own. The woman's house was in a very good shape, she could have vacated the house after selling it for full value within two months. But what the woman was not motivated by money but what she wanted a very fast transactions. She just wanted to back the property behind her and move to someone dearer to her. We know that people are quite funny but we need to understand the fact that rather than simply making own assumptions, it would be beneficial to know what they want rather than our own assumptions. Then mutual consent could be reached after negotiations. -- Sharon Samraj is an expert author, who is presently working on the site Jeff Adams. He has written many articles in various topics like real estate investing.For more information contact jeff adam, real estate millionaire. Source:

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