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The term asset management is often used to refer to the investment management of collective investments which usually includes investment funds, managed funds, mutual funds or any other funds etc. Financial market shows amazing moves. Asset management is must to get the control over finance and further investments. Sometimes it may be confusing to choose the best investment option as there various options available nowadays. To manage these investments and to plan further is again a confusing and hard task. Because without the asset management finance, you won̢۪t get the actual picture of your overall investment and profit portfolio. With the help of proper asset management, you can develop your investment performance and manage financial risk exposure. Even it also helps to reduce the overall business cost which in turn benefits you to reduce the extra expenses. Today, there are many finance companies available in the market that are specialized in asset management finance and they provide services to the customers which vary according to the type of assets, customer requirements, investment capacity and market conditions etc. Asset management finance system has developed from maintenance management system. Thus, it works out to all physical assets also such as property, heritage, infrastructure, plant and equipment. Generally, services offered by these companies also include liquidity, diversification, portfolio management and professional management service. They provide advices regarding issues like asset management and restructuring to corporations, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, institutions and governments. The portfolio managers of an asset management finance company turn individual investment decisions into a fully diversified local, global or specialist portfolio. Such portfolios are with attractive risk-return characteristics.Thus, get the help of asset management finance companies for your short-term or long-term investments. Proper asset management finance is the key to become a successful investor. A stock is a share in the ownership of the company you have invested in. By owning an amount of stock, you will be paid dividend as and when the company declares. When you own a stock, you have the total control of this stock. You can sell it anytime if you think that you no longer intended to own it or you think that it is not worth to own it. You can also keep it for your whole life and use it as collateral to borrow money from bank or financial institution. Stock investments can be long-term or short-term investments. A bond is a debt security which the bond issuer owns you if you have bought the bond and is obliged to pay interest or repay the principal at a later date. Bonds provide the borrower with external funds to finance long-term investments, or, in the case of government bonds, to finance current expenditure. Bonds are bought and traded mostly by institutions like pension funds, insurance companies and banks. Most individuals who want to own bonds do so through bond funds.Though stock and bond are securities, there are some differences in their investment policies. Major difference is that stock investment gives you the share of ownership of the listed company whereas bond investment doesn̢۪t give as bond holders are lenders to the issuers. Another difference between stock and bond investment is that bonds usually have a defined term or maturity after which the bond is redeemed. On the other hand stocks may be outstanding. Bond usually has contract type repayment schedule and once they have paid back all the money that you have lent to them, the bond will end. Once the expiration date has over, the whole investment will become worthless. On the other hand, the ownership of a stock can not be cancelled unless the company is declared bankrupt. Thus, while choosing between stock and bond investment be aware of these facts and then decide the right investment policy for you.--Myself Shruti. I am the SEO. We are provide free ideas on investments, canadian mutual funds, loan, management, finance, capital and many more. For more information log on our web site. Website :- Email Id :- admin@investguidepro.comSource:

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