The Key Essentials to a Trader’s Psyche #4:Finding the Ability to Adapt

In order to develop the right mindset, to have a trader’s psyche, you need to know what to expect when day trading. You must be prepared for a variety of emotions so that you can monitor them instead of letting them control you. Only by staying on top of your emotions can you stay focused on the key to successful day trading: maintaining a consistently profitable long-term strategy in the middle of many smaller short-term wins and losses, even when these short-term outcomes seem overly distracting. To keep that focus, develop the traits of a trader’s psyche in yourself.Successful traders realize that nothing is 100% foolproof. They trust in their indicators, but they are aware of other factors that may influence their trades. Consequently, they stay open to new ideas, to other people’s experiences, and to experimentation.Since your goal as a trader is to constantly revise your strategy to be more consistently profitable, you must always think of your plan as a work in progress. Every win and every loss gives you more data to revise your techniques. But you should never think of yourself as having found the one and only way to trade. Instead, consider yourself as building a toolbox with different tools for different situations. Not every tool will work every time, and you may have to find new tools for new developments in the market. You should never depend too heavily on any one technique.Successful traders have the ability to adapt. They adjust their trading methods and decisions to account for changing market conditions. This is so important. Becoming a successful trader requires that you understand how to react when the market fluctuates, which it will. After all, you only make money when there is an upward or downward trend. Change in the market is necessary to your success.Many traders fail when they refuse to try new strategies for fear of losing money. They get stuck with a very small toolbox and, if they are unwilling to change, they will soon find that their methods for generating profit no longer fit the market’s recent habits. Part of the problem here is fear of risk. But those afraid of risk should not be trading in the first place. Successful traders look at new risks as opportunities to learn how a certain strategy works. In the worst case, they know not to try that technique again, but in the best case, they increase their ability to react to market changes. Whether the individual trade is a profit or loss, the trader has learned something valuable.If you can integrate these insights into your own psychological mindset, you’ll gain a significant edge in the market. I can’t stress this enough: the right mindset is one of the keys to investment success, and most traders fail to understand this.--Markus Heitkoetter is the author of the international bestseller "The Complete Guide To Day Trading" and a professional day trading coach. For more free information on day trading visit his website

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