Forex Raptor Review - A Quick Way to Kill Your Account

Prior to finally having success trading forex, I was just like everybody else who was struggling. I jumped from one indicator or system to the next. One of the systems I jumped on, only to jump off a month later was forex Raptor. Forex Raptor uses mathematical algorithms which analyze the markets and gives you entry and exit positions and the proper time to get in and out. It sounds great on paper doesn't it? Well, maybe that's where it should have stayed.I found trading on it to be as intuitive as flipping a coin. It felt like I was just guessing. It provided me with no insight into the price movement of a currency. it genuinely felt like I was playing with some kind medieval calculator. The way it works is, you put information based on past bars (open, low, high, close) and it is supposed to predict the future. Not only was it incredibly unreliable doing that, but it was also extremely glitchy. I'd put a signal for a sell and I'd get a buy, and vice versa. Thankfully I only traded with a demo account and since I never made any money, I never went to a real account.If there is one thing that I like about Forex Raptor, is that It caused me to ask myself "Why am I trading with something, if I have absolutely no idea why I'm buying or selling"? Software like forex Raptor is what made me get into the "less is more" approach trading methodology. Ever since then, I got rid of all my indicators (since I don't even know what they're supposed to mean) and I began to look at the market at its purest form. I've never looked back. So for that, I thank Forex Raptor.--Also, if you want to see more comments and complaints on forex raptor, then check out LearnForexDirectory.comSource:

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