Best Way To Buy Gold

It's hard to say what exactly is the best way to buy gold as there are many options including dealing in gold traded stocks or finding scrap gold and selling on a per ounce basis.In this article we are going to take a quick look over some of the best options.I personally think the best way to get involved in the buying and selling of gold in by actually buying old scrap. If you collect $50 worth of old scrap gold it is quite likely that you can turn a profit using this method. Especially with gold being so high in price (at time of writing).Buying Gold BullionGold Bullion is tangible solid gold. This can be in the form of coins or actual bars. The larger the size of gold you buy the closer to the actual price of gold you will pay. A small gold coin may end up costing twice the spot price of gold.A large bar has it's downsize too. You have to pay for storage as it's unlikely you can store them yourself.However buying bullion is probably one of the best ways to own and buy gold. Buy the biggest chunk of gold you can and make sure you find a reputable dealer or mint that gives low margins and are inline with the current value of gold.Buying Gold Traded StocksThese certificates behave like traditional stocks on the stock market but track the price of gold. They can be used with most major stock markets and are gaining in popularity. Gold is seen to be a much more stable stock than many assets.Investing In Mining CompaniesThis can be a great money earner but is probably the most dangerous. Theoretically if gold is doing well the mines will, no-respective of the normal stock market. However in practice a gold mine is subject to the same fluctuations as a regular business and things such as supply, demand, management and currency exchange prices are all to be factored in when buying stocks in mining companies.So i guess it's simple. Do you want to actually deal with real gold, or do you want to play the market with stocks and certificates?Buying gold is much easier than some business people make it out to be.--Come on over and learn more about how to buy gold and silver and keep an eye on the current value of gold.Source:

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