The Best Forex Software in the World Will Not Make You a Good Trader

Many traders somehow feel if they can just find the "best" forex software there is, then the pips will just flow like a river. They think that all the mysteries in trading will become instantly clear after they download this new "magical" software. That's not the way the trading really works.People have got to understand that no matter what tools you have at your disposal, that is not what makes people successful in this industry. It's the TRADER, not the bells and whistles that matter. So, while you may think you have the best forex software around, if you don't know how to trade, it's like having Ferrari without even having a driver's license.The best way I know how to explain it is like this: You want to know who the best technical traders in the world are? Imagine if every single indicator, thousand dollar charting platform, state of the art trading widget, were just to disappear one day. All you were left with were generic price charts, like bar charts or candlestick charts, who would be successful trading? The traders that can do that, are the ones that truly understand the market.So while you think it may be worth spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on what you may think is the best forex software in the world, make sure you realize that there are traders making money just using a simple, generic price chart, that can be found freely available all over the internet.This is just something to think about, next time you see an ad for a charting software that has 11 trillion, billion, flashy proprietary indicators. Is all this stuff really necessary in order to succeed in forex???? --If you have gotten sick of spending money on needless forex software, make sure to sign up for my forex trading education course, and all the benefits that this classic trading method offers.Source:

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