Be careful and seek knowledge prior to investing

In every field, there are opportunists who do not have to work harder as these days of hard living requires.Today, some people are so interested in gaining more money swiftly than they are willing to evaluate the method of going about it.A person who is an opportunist takes advantage of your lack of knowledge and not questioning where you do not understand.Take for instance those people who start pyramid schemes, attract an incredible number of people in fact, willing to invest lots of cash in such a project.As soon as they have accumulated enough worth from ignorant and unsuspecting public, they take of, never to be captured ever.Such citizens only end up feeling stupid as they line up outside the premises where they made their investments and the first thing they notice is that a different businessman owns it.Their effort to claim their investment benefits hits a rock and they are left with no better choice than to accept their losses.I also saw other fraudsters who make easy money by just saying an easy prayers so as some amount of money a person is holding can increase thrice or whatever number of times.They are decent people using the bible to convince people part with their money and once they have it, they ask you to close your eyes so that they can pray for a miracle to occur.By the time the victims open their eyes, they will find members of public surrounding them, wondering what the problem could be, the cons by then will have disappeared.I do not know how a person living in twenty first century can become a victim of such but many have cooperated in such occasions.All I know is that, people are so willing to invest in income generating options, but they do not know how, and this calls for more light being shed on the field of investment.See, for persons to even think they want to invest their excess cash, the question of what kind of an investor they would like to be should be easy to answer.Investment options may either be those linked with high risks and high returns or those linked with low risks and low returns.Some investors only keep their money in bank accounts; mutual funds accounts and so on, they earn interest at a given rate for a very long time and this indicate low risks and returns.Others, choose to combine a few stocks, bonds or other securities that can easily be converted into cash with cash savings at their accounts as the ones described above.These can be said to be a little risk disposed than those making cash savings alone and their return much higher as well.The third kind of investors cannot match the description of being risk averse in any way because they aggressively invest in property projects such as real estates or even high-risk businesses.As well, they have savings in form cash; investment in stocks and other securities just like the first and second type.They are not afraid of the high risks involved because they are well aware if the project succeeds, the returns will also be equally attractive.At times, circumstances make people choose to become one type of an investor and not the other like amount of cash in excess or fear of loosing money.This thus mean that consulting with the right investment experts would be a very important prior step to ensure one put their excess money where it can pay back just fine.--An original article by Esteri Maina on INVESTMENTSource:

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