Which Is The Best Diet For Life?

Diets by their very nature tend to be temporary. So how can we find that we live every day? Before we attempt to answer this question, you can take a look at some popular diets are today.

South Beach:
The South Beach Diet was designed by Florida based cardiologist Arthur Agatston, the prescribed this diet for his cardiac patients. The main points of the South Beach diet are:

- Avoid poorly (ie simple) carbohydrates, like sugar, sweets, white bread, etc.
- Avoid that the fats are bad for you (saturated fat, trans fatty acids)
- Use a three-phase approach that aims at weight loss in the first phase and the gradual introduction of more diversity, as in phase three.

This diet is a fairly good, although perhaps not the most effective for weight loss. It also allows us to consume some food to eat, which is bad for us in the long run.

Here is another very popular diet. This diet follows a low carbohydrate-high protein-based regime. The diet uses the concept of ketosis, in which the body burns more fat as fuel is burnt, leading to weight loss. Although it is an effective diet for weight reduction, it can not be recommended as the best diet for life. " A lot of people following the diet too much protein and excess fat, the diet is not the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables for our general wellbeing. It should not be regarded as the best diet for life.

Sonoma Diet
This is another diet, the three phased approach to weight loss. Unlike the South Beach diet, it allows the consumption of (whole grain) cereals and bread in the first phase. This is a very balanced diet. It is not as restrictive as many others, allowing more individual choice. Overall, it is quite a good diet to follow in the long run.

Zone Diet
The Zone diet was developed by biochemist Dr Barry Sears. He recommends that 40% of calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from fat - unsaturated where possible. This is a fairly balanced diet, and can be adopted on a daily basis. The disadvantage is the need to be conscious of the quantities we consume of each of the groups of foods. As an athlete, I have this diet (about without calories!) With good results.

The Best Diet For Life
The above are just a few of the many diet programs available. What is best for you really depends on your needs today. Are you looking for a way to lose weight, or simply to enhance your current weight? The best diet is one that:

- Your current weight loss needs
- You can live with on a daily basis
- If healthy and give your body the nutrients needed
- Can you cheat on occasion
- Includes an exercise program

The Importance of Exercise
Many diet programs (especially with weight loss pills) is not on the need to exercise regularly. If you do not burn the same or more calories than you consume, you'll never be your ideal weight. Walking, jogging, biking and aerobic exercises are pleasant to burn calories and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

The fact is that no one diet probably do everything you need, and you should read them all. If you want to lose weight then the Atkins diet is probably the most effective. If you have lost, but the weight, you must create a system that all other criteria. The Sonoma diet is good, and so is the zone. As long as the basic guidelines to junk food as much as possible and make sure you are getting a good intake of natural organic foods, then you have probably the best diet for your life.
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