Weight Loss - The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is one in which the user must have the right balance of carbohydrates and fats in order to lose weight. Dieters who are looking to lose weight, must eat only good carbohydrates and fats. All other forms should be avoided. The diet consists of three phases.

Phase one consists of a 14 days. The dieter needs to eat three balanced meals consisting of meat, fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, vegetables, nuts, salads and cheese. You can have a healthy, no carb snack between your breakfast and your lunch. As with any diet, you should drink as much water as possible.

During Phase 1, you can not have certain foods high in carbohydrates. For example, rice, bread, fruit, pasta and pastries are completely off limits. Also off limits are sweets. So cookies, cakes or ice cream should be avoided.

After 14 days, then in phase 2. In phase 2, there is no fixed period. Phase 2 continues until you lost all the weight you lose. Phase 2 will vary from person to person, depending on the exact number of pounds you want to lose. For some, the stage may only last a few weeks. While others, the last stage may take several months.

For most people, by the time they are on the second phase of the diet, they should have lost around 10 pounds. This, of course, everything depends on the idea that phase 1 was followed correctly. Hesitation from phase 1 can have a negative impact on other stages.

During phase 2, weight loss will be slowed and be more consistent. Average dieters lose about 2 pounds per week. During phase 2, some foods that were prohibited in phase 1 may be gradually re-introduced. But they must be consumed in moderation. Other foods such as white rice should be avoided all together. Replacing white rice with brown rice will assist in the total weight loss experience.

After you've lost all the weight you want, then in phase 3. Phase 3 is considered a maintenance phase. During Phase 3, you begin to eat more normally. Many of the restrictions that were imposed during phase 1 and 2 are removed. However, you should take some of your dietary habits in your daily life.

Adapting to the new way of eating can be difficult for some. But it is proven that this can dramatically improve your cardiovascular system. Also, can help to reduce your risk of heart attack.

As with any diet, results will vary from person to person. It is also important to a physician before starting a diet regime. The South Beach Diet requires dieter to revamp their way of thinking and eating for a lifetime. But after the diet correctly, it has proven beneficial for many who have tried. Photobucket

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