Weight Loss Diets-Four Effective Weight Management Tips

One of the most important components of weight loss diets is that it is sustainable over a lifetime. In fact, the best diet is no diet but a way of eating and living that will ensure sustainability and good health throughout the life of the individual. Four diets which stood the test of time, the Mediterranean, South Beach, Atkins and The Zone diet. Each of these diets have hit the mainstream media has been shown to be effective, both in popular use in medical examinations and any sustainable over a lifetime.

Mediterranean Sea

One of the more popular weight loss diet is the Mediterranean diet. The origin of the most widely accepted nutritional purposes plan known as the Mediterranean diet is found in popular foods consumed in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Individual dietary needs after this plan includes many plant foods and fresh fruit per day. Fish and poultry are the source of protein, but they are consumed in smaller quantities. Red meat is also a small part of the daily intake. Not more than four eggs per week are consumed and wine intake is consumed in small quantities. The maximum fat level is about one third of total calories.

South Beach

The South Beach Diet is a popular and effective weight loss diets that just the choice of many overweight individuals looking to lose some excess weight. The South Beach Diet was developed by Arthur Agatston, a renowned Miami, Florida cardiologist. The diet distinguishes between so-called good fats and bad carbohydrates and fats and carbohydrates. The rates of carbohydrate and fat diet with a glycemic index. The three phases of the South Beach diet recommends eliminating or at least reducing the consumption of bad carbohydrates and fats. The dieter is trained to eating and lifestyle habits for lifelong weight control.


The popular Atkins diet by Dr. Robert Atkins was one of the earliest popular weight loss diets in the western world. It represented a significant departure from the traditional dietary needs wisdom. Previously, people who want to lose weight were placed on a highly restrictive calorie counting diets. The Atkins diet carbohydrates instead considered the biggest factor in obesity than calorie intake. The Atkins diet limits the intake of carbohydrates to the point where the body is in a state of ketosis. Critics of the diet is that weight loss is the result of boredom and lower caloric consumption.


The Zone Diet has been found effective in unscientific studies, such as by a PBS TV documentary team filming the Scientific American Frontiers show. Weight loss diets like the Zone Diet to rely on an effective balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a ratio of 40%, 30% and 30% respectively. The Zone diet has the double advantage of being effective against such diseases as diabetes, hypertension and other health conditions. These lifestyle changes in the Zone Diet is certainly a sustainable life. Photobucket

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