Ways To Lose Weight With The South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet program is one of the main ways to lose weight today. It is around lifestyle and diet changes that help you steadily lose weight. By reducing the "bad" fats and carbohydrates and eating a lot of "good", dieters can lose weight without feeling deprived or sacrificing their health.

There are three steps in the diet program. During the first phase, dieters avoid all carbohydrates except for vegetables. Although several foods are not allowed, dieters have a variety of food to consume. Phase one is the most demanding phase, but also the fastest, because only about a fortnight. Dieters can expect to lose ten pounds during this phase.

In phase two, dieters begin again the previously prohibited carbohydrate-rich foods in their meals. Dieters expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week while steadily increasing the amount of carbohydrates they eat. The second phase lasts until dieters arrive at their ideal weight.

The third phase is the maintenance phase. Dieters use their strategies they learned from the second phase to their target weight in the rest of their lives. If dieters start to gain weight, they are able to return to the first phase of the program.

You have probably seen ready-made South Beach meals and snacks in the supermarket. These products are very useful, but you have no money to give to them to follow the diet. You just have to commit themselves to the general guidelines for each phase of the program.

During the first phase of the diet, you should consume lean meat, like fish, chicken and turkey, eggs, most vegetables, nuts, and a small amount of nonfat dairy products. Fruit juices and not eaten during this phase, because they have a high sugar content. Limited, all carbohydrates, fat meat, alcohol and some vegetables that are high in sugar content, such as maize. The function of this phase is the prohibition on "bad" carbs from your diet and jump start the process of losing weight.

During phase two, dieters slowly again whole grains, fruits and other forbidden foods in their diet. In the process, dieters discover how their diet to adapt strategies to a desired weight. Once this is successfully done, the diet shifts in life maintenance phase which dieters attempt to maintain the healthy strategies that give them their goal weight.

The factor for the success of the South Beach diet is connected to eating healthy. Although that sounds simple, this diet and most other diet programs do not work because dieters are leaving the food before the program can achieve results. The problems that most people have with weight loss often comes from deeper problems such as a lack of impetus to lose weight, a habit of overeating, or a failure of appetite. Fortunately, these problems are treatable with techniques that everyone can learn from a high quality diet hypnotherapy CD program.

To remedy a lack of motivation, the practice of a technology called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) shows a strong desire to meet your diet goals.

To start, dieters identify what things are most valuable to them, as an individual. This is called their "highly valued criteria." Then, NLP techniques are practiced to dieters believe that by losing weight, their highly valued criteria will reap the benefits. Another option is for the dieter feels that if they do not lose weight, valued criteria will be placed in jeopardy.

Motivation comes from what we believe, not from logic! So in the example above, let us say that the dieter's most esteemed desire is that the dieter children are safe and well. Using an NLP technique called Submodalities, we can lead in Dieter feeling that if he or she is unable to lose weight, the children will be condemned to emulate their parents and they will be fat and unhappy. This belief will be a strong desire and feeling to stick to a diet and weight.

Many NLP techniques can help to reduce or even remove and urges the craving that prompt one to overeat. This works well to help dieters stay on the first and most challenging two weeks of the South Beach diet. In addition, dieters commit to an exercise program that will improve the effectiveness of a diet program.

Stress is a factor that often drives people to eat too much or stop caring about their health, but exemption may be granted by both NLP and hypnotic techniques. One such technique is called the NLP Flash. The NLP Flash, with your unconscious mind using negative thoughts as triggers for relaxing thoughts eliminates the stress that causes the impulse to overeat.

Out-of-control appetite cause many people to weight. Many people have seemingly uncontrollable appetite, because over the years they have a "conditioned response" to eat in certain situations. For example, many of us snack on junk food on television, even if we do not really hungry. The good thing is, hypnosis and NLP techniques that could have quickly extinguish the conditioned behavior. These techniques make natural appetite suppression without the use of pills or drugs.

By treating the root barriers that keep dieters from shedding pounds, NLP and hypnosis has many dieters finally fit and trim for life. When used with the South Beach plan, dieters are able to easy weight loss and victory in achieving their health objectives. Photobucket

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