Stock Addicts and Obama: An Education

Dear Battered Investor:Ford, AIG, Citibank, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Chrysler…the list goes on forever and you’ve heard it all before.Is 2009 the year that the media will convince every investor out there that ‘the end is near’….or is2009 the year of opportunity? shows its members that the opportunity is clear….the timing is now.It is common knowledge….the rules of the game on Wall Street have changed. “Buy and Hold” strategies and how stocks are bought and sold are being redefined. In a volatile environment, offers you clarity and answers in a timely newsletter defining opportunity against the odds.‘Ways to reduce stress’ and other so-called helpful hints to deal with a battered economy are seen everywhere….even banks are passing out flyers telling their customers how they can reduce stress….the irony of it is almost overwhelming! scans and analyzes companies to find success stories and make them available to its members. ImAStockAddict can show you how you can benefit like never before amidst the ‘doom and gloom’. will assist you in supercharging your portfolio by helping you get in before the crowd, providing accurate flow of information.Want to know more? Seeking an education? Sign up today at and see why their members are hooked. And future Stock Addicts….Stay Addicted! is all about cash and free trading of Pink Sheets Stocks , OTC Stocks, hot penny stocks etc. It is a marketing and investor relations firm and provides a multimedia platform for achieving investor awareness.Source:

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