South Beach Diet - What Are The Benefits And Pitfalls Of The South Beach Diet?

What is the South Beach diet and what are the advantages and disadvantages? The South Beach Diet is the creation of cardiologist Arthur Agatston, MD, director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Fla.. And like the Atkins Diet, Dr. Agatston, the South Beach Diet also limits the intake of carbohydrates, including a severe restrictive two week induction phase followed by a long-term diet. So this means that potatoes, fruit, bread, cereals, rice, pasta, beets, carrots and corn are no longer allowed, especially during the induction phase. So, with these agreements, you may be wondering where Atkins and South Beach actually differ.

First of all, while Atkins promotes the obscene consumption of saturated animal fats, South Beach bans all unhealthy fats while on the other hand, promoting the consumption of healthy unsaturated fats. The other difference is found in their opposing views of carbohydrates. The South Beach diet is not counting grams of carbohydrates and low sugar carbs actually recommended. Therefore, South Beach is unable to be linked as simple as "low-carb" as opposed to the Atkins diet, and the position on fats disqualifies it be labeled a "low-fat" diet, too. One of the positive points that the South Beach Diet makes is for people to snack throughout the day so that hunger pang be offset and their metabolism remains elevated. Actual meal portions are just large enough to satisfy a hunger, but not larger. Another point that many diets like South Beach are stressing insulin control by eating less refined and more complex carbohydrates, fiber-rich carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels high and your risk of diabetes is low.

But what about this aggressive induction phase? As mentioned above, one must start with the South Beach Diet with what they call an induction phase lasts 14 days. During these 14 days, one of the choices for food are limited greatly. Foods to avoid include bread, cereals, fruit, pasta, rice, potatoes, and alcohol. Although you can have dairy products, two servings of low-fat or non fat dairy are permitted during induction. Once the induction phase is over, and your carb craving have declined, you can now begin to clean corporate back some carbohydrates in the diet. However, most foods are still banned but things like pasta can be had occasionally. This diet is maintained until you reach your target weight.

Now, South Beach is not as wonderful as Dr. Agatston would like for you to believe. In my opinion, a diet with a very restrictive period that leaves people nutritionally unbalanced is not a good idea. Furthermore, most of the weight lost during induction appears to be water weight, therefore disrupting the electrolyte balance and leave you dehydrated. Finally, the induction phase is a necessary step, but it is an almost impossible challenge for many to go without grains, pasta and fruit for two weeks. And for the uninitiated, this induction phase simply asks too much too soon. So, Dr. Agatston seems to have heart in the right place, but one-size-fits-all diets like South Beach Diet seems more trouble than they are worth. Photobucket

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