How to turn partial to full rss - Works with autoblogs

I get a lot of people asking me how to find full rss feed

for their autoblogs?

Simple guys

1. look for any wordpress blog with the same niche as yours,

and grab its rss feed URL.

2. go to

and encode it.

3. go to

and there you have a full rss feed

for example: let's say my niche is weight loss

then i google for "Weight Loss Blog"

so the first link there is www fatty weightloss com

and i see its a WP blog so i find its rss feed witch is

and i see that its only a summery of each post = good

that's what i was looking for.

next i encode it and get

so my full rss feed is

just check and see its full posts.

now you can add this to WP-O-Matic, Autoblogged or any other rss driven

wp plugin.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy Photobucket

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