Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Rate

The Good: - The actors and actresses that we've come to know over the previous five movies really came into their own in this one. At one point, for whatever reason, Harry is very jolly. He does it well and is hilarious in the process. In the hospital Hermione shows a range of emotion and it was quite convincing and rather touching. Of the three main characters Ron probably matured the most. A great job done by all. - This movie was very dark which is appropriate giving the ending of the prior movie - There was a ton of character development in all of the youths. - This was the funniest of any of the movies thus far. - The last half hour changed the relationships that some of the key characters will have with the others in the following movie(s).

The Bad: - The actors, especially Ron, look much older than 16. I suppose that's unavoidable and will be even more prevalent in the last movie(s) in the series. - While I'm confident that the last movie(s) tie everything together I can't help but previous movie had very little connection with this one. I'd like to get more specific, but we'll say say that many of the main themes in 'Order of the Phoenix' are completely omitted in this film. - There is a bubbly chick with a lot of screen time that does very little to further the plot. I suppose that she does supply some comic relief, but if your endgame is Harry defeating Voldemort she appears to me to be completely irrelevant.

The Ugly: - I'm sure people that read the books saw the ending coming, but I for one did not. I won't go into any more detail, but it was very disappointing. - This movie, more than any other, focused on the interest in the opposite sex. It is a major part of the film and again, if your endgame is Harry defeating Voldemort, I would have preferred it being done away altogether. If she's feels it necessary for the characters to show an interest in the opposite sex because of their age, it should have been scaled back dramatically in my opinion.

Overall a good experience and a very good movie. Photobucket

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