"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" PS3 Game

Harry Potter and friends will be back on big screens this July 16 and Harry Potter fans can expect more magic and spells as the war between Harry and Voldemort is imminent.

Warner Bros Pictures and GSC will run the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM Roadshow at GSC Mid Valley during the opening weekend, i.e. July 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun). Movie fans can look forward to fun activities like photography sessions, tattoos giveaways via GSC Box Office (while stocks last) and movie quiz sessions.

The main highlight will be the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM PS3 game. Participants can check out either the “Flying Club” or “Potion Club” game. Registration for the PS3 game will start 11.45am and will be limited to 50 participants per game daily, on a first-come, first-served basis. Win or lose, each participant will go home with a movie premium.

In the “Flying Club” game, participants will be pitched against House of Ravenclaw to catch the snitch. Participants will only be given one chance to challenge the computer and win. As for the “Potion Club” game, participants need to complete a task of making potion within given time frame. Prizes up for grabs include memo pads, notebooks, postcards, square buttons, bookmarks or posters.

In the movie quiz sessions for the public, there will be movie T-shirts, hats, posters and GSC complimentary passes waiting to be won. Apart from that, the first 700 patrons to purchase two (2) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM tickets at GSC Mid Valley Box Office counter, will receive one (1) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM tattoo.

Capture this special moment with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM movie character standees (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger). With every two (2) GSC Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTM ticket stubs, patrons are entitled to one (1) photograph printout for free (courtesy of WB). Photo will be on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last. Photobucket

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