Double Eagle Gold Coin

The $20 United States Double Eagle gold coin dates back to the 1800s and is a representation of the good fortune that the California gold fields were experiencing at the time. The "double" eagles were exactly that, a doubling of the $10 gold Eagle coin that came before it.This is one coin that is truly to be treasured, it symbolizes immense riches and those who were lucky enough to own a Double Eagle in the 1900s were holding more than what the average worker was taking home in their pay packet for seven days!At the beginning of the 20th Century Augustus St. Gaudens redesigned the coin to a standard of art nothing short of exceptional. The St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin came to be and went through various design changes over time. By the middle of 1908 the original design motto of "In God We Trust" that was initially excluded was finally incorporated into the design. In 1933 the last of the coins were minted but never made it into circulation prior to President Roosevelt declaring it illegal to own gold and the gold call back beginning.If you're considering buying a Double Eagle coin then be sure to do thorough research, there is an intricate history to this coin and ensuring you know exactly what you're buying from when will make for better returns.When it comes to buying gold coins of any sort it's important to get the best deal you can. Looking for value offers can ultimately lead to the Internet where online shopping is becoming very much the norm. Can you trust purchasing coins over the Internet? Well there are a lot of everyday bricks and mortar businesses who also have online stores so you could give the store a ring or head on down to it if it's local. You just need to do a little bit of homework and you should be able to gather whether anything sounds or looks fishy on any particular website, it isn't without some risk though and you need to be prepared for that.The best way forward when buying Double Eagle coins or any other coin for that matter is to have the coin professionally graded, that way you can be sure of an unbiased opinion and make a much more informed purchase choice.--Get more info on how to buy gold and silver including info on Silver Bullion Coins and much much more....Source:

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