Does The South Beach Diet Work Or Is It A Sham?

The idea of losing 13 pounds or more in two weeks, as the South Beach Diet claims, seems very attractive. However, the South Beach Diet work or it just a farce? To have that much weight simply disappear into the abyss means that you probably are not fat, but losing water weight along with some muscle tissue. Water loss is only temporary and quickly.

How does the South Beach Diet this service anyway? A closer look shows that, like the Atkins diet, the first few weeks must severely restrict carbohydrates, which means that you do not have essential nutrients and can easily trigger your body hunger response. This type of diet, together with a very misleading, has many negative effects.

Water loss is not healthy, and is temporary and therefore rapidly lose water weight quickly regained.The downside to lose muscle tissue, is that muscle burns many calories, which means that as you lose your muscles, your body less calories burn and store more fat in the long run. This is the reason why studies have shown that most people who lose weight with diet will put it back on, and often more than they return to their old habits.

What's more, the author proposes that if at the end has some of the weight on, you should immediately revert to the first phase to lose the excess weight again. Studies have now shown that if you lose weight and weight gain by changing your diet, this promotes arteriosclerosis deposits, which caused a heart attack plaque.

If we are closer to the diet and meal plans, it is clear that the South Beach diet is not as healthy as it claims to be. You can eat bacon and cheese, but you are not allowed watermelon, because it is a high GI foods? The author also cholesterol-lowering drugs that cause mental confusion, muscle weakness and pain, radical changes in mood, and other side effects.

Further claims are ridiculous, French fries and potato chips are healthier choices than baked potatoes because the fat in which they are cooked in. But these foods are high in harmful trans fats, which experts now say, "the greatest disaster in food U.S. history. " Furthermore, many of the proposed meals can be a lot of time for preparation and a lot of food, the diet recommends, can be very costly.

Almost 35% of Americans are obese, but despite this recommendation only exercise, which is 20 minutes a day on foot. However, this is not enough especially when you consider that many people have a serious exercise deficiency and walk 20 minutes uses nearly enough calories to burn serious fat. This advice is suitable for people who are in good shape and only need to lose a few pounds.

Fortunately, strength training is recommended, not only because building muscle speeds up metabolism, but also because it helps strengthen bones and tendons, which, as the author says, is good news for women suffering from osteoporosis

Despite the fact that the author criticizes processed food, the last alliance between the South Beach Diet and food manufacturer Kraft has the author's credibility into question. Is the South Beach Diet Work? I would say that it is not the ideal solution if your goal is to improve your health, lose fat and keep it off. Photobucket

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