Diet Plans India - Desi Diet different from the rest of the world

South Asia are genetically distinct from the rest of the world. This makes them more susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Over the years, our diets have changed from the traditional Desi diet on the western fast-food with more calories and less saturated fats and dietary fiber, are taken into account.
Children and adolescents are especially a desi diet to a predominantly Western diet format. These changes associated with metabolic syndrome will lead to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
For those who wonder what a Desi diet is and how it differs from the traditional Western diet, a diet Desi can be described as a diet with a South Asian origin.
South Asia have very different feeding habits. Their diet is rich in carbohydrates and many of them are vegetarians. A Desi diet would therefore also chapattis and rice in each meal and especially eaten with lentils and vegetables, as opposed to a Western diet is mainly meat, that on the basis and has less emphasis on carbohydrates.
South Asia generally prefer hot meals cooked and how to prepare their own food. This means that a Desi Food is not only a number of different ingredients, but a different diet overall. Many in the West can not be desi diet, because it is very spicy and full of sharpness and strong flavors.
Most Desi nutrition, if well planned, are healthy, because it is high in fiber and a healthy mix of carbohydrates and proteins in each meal. Traditionally, desi food, many legumes, milk and milk products and vegetables.
For South Asians, who want a healthy diet, it is important that their diet because of their eating habits. Desi A diet can be easily modified into a healthy diet. This is not only a balanced intake of nutrients, but also lead to better compliance because it is better to change your existing diet to suit your needs and not to try and take a different dietary patterns in general. Photobucket

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