Can You Stop Metabolic Syndrome?

It is possible to win in the fight against the metabolic syndrome according to a new study at the University of Pennsylvania, says study leader Matthew R. Hayes.

A recent study of 4 men and 16 women with metabolic syndrome in the South Beach diet for three months. They weigh an average of 200 pounds and lost an average of 10 pounds per piece. During Phase 1, their diet was 25 carbs. Although they lost an average of 10 pounds each, the best news is half of them no longer had metabolic syndrome at the end of this three-month study. It appears that changes in hormone levels caused them lose their appetite, while cutting calories.

Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors associated with overweight and obesity your risk of heart disease and other health problems like diabetes and strokes.

The risk factors include:

A large waist
A higher than normal triglyceride level
A lower than normal levels of HDL cholesterol
Higher than normal blood pressure
Higher than normal fasting blood sugar

Doctors know that these risk factors can be controlled through changes in lifestyle. Now we can a low carb diet lifestyle changes can help improve your health and perhaps save your life.

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