PTC Hack Guide

Basic Requirements : Alertpay account + Firefox + a Brain

YouTube Guide

Step 0
First you will need to have Java Runtime Environment installed
If you don't Download it Here :

Then just Install it.

Step 1
If you are lazy like me !
Roboform or Fireform it's your choice.

Step 2
Subscribe to PTC website !
More you get, the more you earn !

Step 3

Step 4
Launch Multiclicker.jar.
Click on
Select your PTC website :

Enter your username and your password.
Use a proxy if you want.
Select Firefox :

Then tick "Start after finishing this wizard".
Start again for all your PTC websites.
You should have something like this at the end :

Multiclicker Official Website :
Multiclicker Unofficial PTC Plugin Database : Photobucket

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